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Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. unlikely supporter who is standing with president obama. >> politics of oakland city hall. now inspiration for a new tv show. plans being made now. coming up. >>> president obama endorsement getting down to the last few days before the election. >> that brief cause for super storm sandy seemed like a distant memory. today, the attacks were back. >> their best bet is on sin yi six. >> president obama delivering a closing argument in three battle grounds. >> i know what change looks like. i fought for it. you have, too. after all we've been through together we can't give up now. >> mitt romney spending his day in virginia, a state republicans are desperate to flip. >> we're going to win on november 6th. >> he countered the president's closing arguments. >> i believe america needs real change. we're going to give to it american people. >> the latest poll still shows a tight race but new polls in three key states had president obama on top. it's now all hands on deck. vice president biden stumped in iowa. >> american people asking, who can they trust? >> barack obama should be the next preside
Oct 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in the nation's biggest city. >> president obama declared a major disaster for new york city and long island. now more on damage and the clean up. >> you can see mid town manhattan and lower manhattan still in the dark. eight million people are with out power. the death toll has now risen to 39 people. it's going to be several more days until we know the extent of the damage. after sandy delivered it's punch, residents in the battered states now faced with flooding, power failures and the task of cleaning up. >> i guess everybody is thinking something is going to happen. >> almost 10 million residents under the dark. >> i want every agency to lean forward making sure we're getting resources where they need them. >> a 13 foot storm surge crashed into lower manhattan sending salt water into nork city subway systems, inundating tunnels. one major tunnel took in 11 feet of water pushing cars and stacking them up like toys. >> that is as devastating as ever faced in its history oolt waves pushed it to of a street. more than 50 homes were destroyed when two fires sparked. firefighters rescued doze
Oct 31, 2012 4:00pm PDT
their foundation. >> further you go down, the houses are gone. >> president obama toured the devastation with governor chris christie. the board walk is in ruins. >> looks like this pier was lifted by the ocean. >> when they arrived it means i've never seen water high, high as that. six, seven feet. >> in new york work continues to remove several feet of water from flooded subway tunnels. and mayor bloomberg rang the opening bell. much of lower manhattan is still without power. damage from sand gee also wide spread throughout the city. families had to be rescued from flood waters and in roc rockaways, the full extent of the destruction could be seen. a search underway for two brothers ages two and four who became separated from their mother when their car was submerged. strong winds and rain and snow continued to taus damage. the storm moves north. power is returning to millions on the east coast. >> you can make a donation to american red cross, text red cross to 90999 to donate $10. you can also call 1-800-red cross or just go to our web site for a link to the web site. your support wi
Oct 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
city. this makes it usually susceptible to extremely high seas and flooding. >> president obama says he's confident that agencies have done all they can to prepare for hurricane sandy. he says the slow-moving storm will affect millions of people. he's urging americans to obey warnings. he says the key is making sure the public follows instructions. >> hurricane sandy sent both presidential campaigns scrambling. the president skipped an event this morning to monitor the storms from the white house. both campaigns cancelled two dozen events. mitt romney stumped in the mid west and thinking about making a contribution to the red cross? or another relief agency? >> the events are cancelled and with the president off the trail vice president biden did campaign today with former president bill clinton. there are eight days to go until the election. the latest tracking poll shows this race in a dead heat. >> trading on wall street is suspended at least until tomorrow. this affects all u.s. trading markets. the u.s. labor department says he will release the monthly jobs report just four days be
Nov 2, 2012 4:00pm PDT
went up because more people without jobs started looking for work again. >> president obama tried to sway voters told them this report proves the job market is gaining momentum. >> today our businesses have created five and a half million new jobs, companies hired more in octoberl time in the last eight months. >> mitt romney spin numbers another way in wisconsin calling the report a sad reminder the economy is a virtual stand still. he blames the president. >> they said he's going to lower unemployment rate down to 5.2% now. today, we've learned it's 7.9%. that is nine million jobs short of what was promised. >> claiming the economy is expanding but at a moderate pace. >> mark math use will have more on this for you. >> right he spoke about significance of the numbers and what they mean. >> record number of californians will be able to pick up the race announcing 18.2 million californians are registered to vote but the percentage is roughly the same as years past. >> in san jose a jury deciding fate of a former elementary school principal charged with failing to report the molest
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5